Water Damage

Did you Drop your phone in the toilet or puddle? Did you take it on a swim? We can perform water damage repair regardless of the extent of damage! We have invested $2000 recently in our water damage recovery equipment. No one else around has the expertise or equipment to properly and professionally restore your water damaged device. While some devices can not be revived, we have a 90% success rate with water damage restore within the first 48 hours after the incident.



Whatever you decided to do, do NOT place the device in rice! This myth has been debunked on multiple occasions. As we have gotten into the professional level of water damage repairs, we have noticed that rice dust left in the phone, over time will cause even more corrosion than if left in the open air. Contact us ASAP and well will coordinate an appointment to resort your device. 

Water Damage Repair is based from two solutions

Solution 1) Attempt to resurrect device for functional control. This is a $50 Service fee paid before the repair.

Solution 2) Data recovery only. This is a NO FIX NO FEE repair. We guarantee that we will get data or theres no charge. With this solution, we do not guarantee that every function of the device will work. We only guarantee that we can get the data from it.

Due to the nature of water damage, additional parts may be needed (Screen, Battery, charging port, etc.). These parts will be additional costs that will be explained with you before delivery.

Below is one of our newest pieces of equipment. This is a 10X and 30X microscope that will allow us to look for even the smallest of water damage traces. This also allows us to perform various microlevel soldering repairs.

This machine is our newest and most critical part to our water damage repair process. This is a very powerful, expensive, and industrial ultrasonic cleaner . This machine create implosions that delicately but accurately removes most of the corrosion. The implosions create 10,000 psi of force at the micro level.

A soldering iron is a very valuable tool in our arsenal. It puts us apart from our competition. While we perform soldering jobs weekly, this also allows us to remove and replace specific water damaged components. Repairs that most shops have to ship off, leaving you days or weeks without your device. We didn’t skimp on this device wither. While most repair technicians use a $100 soldering station, we have invested $600 alone in this soldering iron. This guarantees that we won’t cause damage to your phone that cheaper versions can do.

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