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iTech Repair has been somewhat of a dream for me. Growing up I often times would disassemble different products and put them back together. Some times it wasn’t the most conventional of ways. My mother didn’t see the enjoyment of hooking up 4 foot tall speakers to my little alarm clock like I did. I would often times try things because…heck, why not? As time has gone on, I had become rather distant from my roots of “gadgeteering”. Early 2014 brought back a little bit of that curiosity back. One day my brother had broken his iPhone 5. I decided to buy a kit online and have a try at it. Ill be honest I didn’t have the most certainty I could fix it but you know…heck, why not try! I ended up replacing the screen and went on. I went on to fix a couple devices here and there on my time off as a Paramedic. Word spread like wild fire. People were messaging me on a daily basis asking for me to take a look at devices. Fast-forward to October of 2014. I decided to go forward and make this a business. I had no extra money to really put forward but again….heck, why not! Fast forward again to now. We have the largest customer base in the area. We now stock thousands of dollars worth of parts on hand. While we specialize in Apple products we have been slowly moving forward to Samsung repairs. We can turn most repairs in about 15-30 minutes, on the day that the customer inquires about it. We Lead the local business industry on the BEST warranty, our limited LIFETIME warranty. We beat all of our competitors prices guaranteed because not only do we have the best service but we have the best customer service. We look forward to expanding our services and our coverage area to those of southern Illinois and the surrounding areas.

“Repairing more than phones”

Justin A Lewis


iTech Repair of Southern Illinois

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